Fully Computerized CAD/CAM System for Efficiency and Standardization

Fully Computerized CAD/CAM System for Efficiency and Standardization

CNC Milling

Our equipment includes the latest models of CNC Turning and Milling Machine Centers and CNC Swiss-type Screw Machines.

SOLIDWORKS CAM is a cloud and on-premise CAM program that swiftly readies designs for the manufacturing and development phases.

This solution is available in four versions: standard, professional, machinist standard and machinist professional.

Top Benefits

  • Strengthen Cross-Deparment Collaboration: Review relevant toolpath 3D models in eDrawings to evaluate machining orders and initiate better communication methods across numerous company sectors.
  • Enhance Manufacturing Precision: Reset toolpath coordinates with probing controls to increase manufacturing accuracy. You also decrease expensive human errors and painstaking do-overs.
  • Perform Test Runs: Use a free trial version of this solution to test its capabilities before committing to a final purchase.

Primary Features

  • Rules-Based Machining: Conduct rules-based machining to manage the system planning process while implementing assigned tolerances for several machinery techniques. Focus on crucial production areas instead of individual features.
  • High-Speed Machining: Use VoluMill machinery to uphold consistent tool pressure across cutting workings. There’s a flexible feed rate for your cutting machine to slice at total capacity to diminish cycle times and prolong your machinery’s lifespan.
  • 3+2 Programming: Use machining approaches with three-axis milling and cutting tools locked in a five-axis machine’s two rotational axes for effective 3+2 programming.
  • Turning: Manage multiple turn methods, including face rough and finish, rough and finish turn, groove rough and finish, rough and finish bore, and more.
  • Part Modeling and Importing: Construct and upload parts to communicate with designers, study model-based definition (MBD) details and implement ideal manufacturing modifications.